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The Parade Work Group

There are several ways to get involved to help plan and execute the parade to celebrate our town’s 350th anniversary. The Parade is scheduled to take place on Saturday – June 17, 2023. Please look over the list below and email your areas of interest to us here. Thank you for helping make this a fun-filled celebration.

Various work groups include -

  • Parade Entries – Contact, arrange and track participants for the parade.

  • Parade Staging – Determine where various units will stage and enter the parade from.

  • Parade Completion/Pick-up Area – Establish where participants will exit the parade to meet buses and other pick-up options.

  • Parade Route – Contact any residents or businesses impacted. Determine signage needed for any road closures.

  • Advertising/Signage – Handle all advertising needs. Have all signage printed for staging and ppick-upareas as well as road closures.

  • Security/Public Safety – Coordinate police detail and emergency services coverage for the parade timeframe as well as pre and post-traffic. 

  • Parking/Busing – Arrange for parking for parade attendees as well as bussing for remote parking areas. Coordinate the advertising of these areas with the advertising/signage work group.

  • Logistics – Arrange golf carts for parade work group members to navigate around designated areas.  Arrange walkie-talkies for parade coordinators and use along the parade route for emergencies and/or immediate needs. Arrange for sani-cans in select areas and/or public bathroom access.

  • Vendors – Coordinate/Arrange for any parade vendors (balloons, etc.) and local memorabilia vendors.

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