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The Parade Work Group

We are so thankful for the support of the community, our neighbors, and area businesses and organizations who joined us yesterday, rain or shine (but it held off for much of the parade!) for our Deerfield 350th Parade!

We would like to thank the many volunteers who helped out yesterday and the days leading up to the parade. It would not have been what it was without the support of our volunteers.

We would also like to thank the Parade Workgroup who organized the parade - co-chairs Kelly Charest and Holly Lankowski, Pam Hodgkins, Cindy Von Flatern, Rocky Foley, Denise Schwartz, and Lori Baronas.

And a few more thank you's!

  • Cindy Von Flatern and Ben Clark - Our amazing announcers!

  • Mike & Brenda Wozniakewicz - Sunderland Parade Committee

  • John Hannum - Whately Parade Committee

  • Adam Sokoloski and the Deerfield Police Department

  • Shawn Bowman, David Wells & Gary Stokarski from the South Deerfield Water District Prudential Committee

  • MA DOT and Jeff Ashman

  • Kevin Scarborough from the Deerfield Department of Public Works

  • Bill Swasey & Kurt Seaman from South Deerfield Fire District

  • Laurie McComb from South County Emergency Medical Services

  • FCAT for their coverage of the parade and many other 350th events

  • Greg Franceschi & Lisa Middents for use of their front yard and power for our review stand

  • PVMA for the use of their signage and cones

  • Yankee Candle for tents

  • Jeff Burniske for the review stand stage as well as dumpsters

  • Grybko’s Garage for the parade participant shuttle

  • Franklin County Jail Print Shop for our printed parade materials

  • Moran Electric for the review stand electricity

  • Sugarloaf Nursery for the review stand flowers

  • Kelly Page for the use of her property for parade staging

  • Frontier Regional High School and Deerfield Elementary for the use of their parking lots

  • Brett Gewanter from Deerfield Academy for the use of the athletic field marker for staging area prep

  • Nutrien Ag Solutions for the lime for our staging lines

  • And a huge thank you as well to all of our wonderful partners, families, neighbors, and fellow Deerfield residents, who supported the Parade Workgroup and helped along the way with the many tasks required to put this historical event together.

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