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Deerfield's Agricultural History - Oral History

Listen to the history of Agriculture in Deerfield over the past century from the folks who lived it. Hear the story of Deerfield Agriculture in the 20th century and beyond from Walter Kownacki, Diane Martin, Stephen and Peter Melnik and Ashley Randle.

The Deerfield Oral History Project conducted several interviews over the past 16 months (BTW - we will still be collecting stories, so if you signed up, we will still get to you). the interviews will be archived at PVMA, but we will also produce some audio pieces so you can sample of the marvelous stories of Deerfield residents. So enjoy this audio/visual presentation. Send comments to

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1 Comment

May 09

This piece was produced with deep insight and thorough research. The voices selected tell the story well. It's nice to hear Polish American farming family voices finding their rightful place in our larger Deerfield history. The piece is paced to cover as much detail as possible, and presents a great deal for the listener to absorb in one sitting. In a local classroom it might be presented in shorter segments, leaving students time to reflect on and share their own family farming stories if there are such. An impressive piece of work.

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